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Implant Restorations

We offer a range of implant components and restorative solutions to help you overcome the challenges of all your implant cases.


Digital Treatment Planning

Screw Retained Crowns & Bridges

● Speed and precision in positioning the Screw-retained crowns
● Aesthetic gingival margins and a natural emergence profile ensured by CAD/CAM fabrication
● Elimination of cement problems around implants

Custom Abutments

● Provides a natural emergence profile and maximizes soft-tissue contours
● Available in titanium, gold-tone titanium, zirconia with titanium base, and gold alloy
● Angle correction of the implant

Implants Crown & Bridge

● The latest CAD/CAM technology is used for an accurate fit and ideal contours
● Our digital skills help ensure a predictable result, aesthetic gingival margins and a natural emergence profile.
● Large array of high-strength, aesthetic restorative solutions

Implant Overdentures

● The denture made stable by implant-retention
● Personalised prosthetic design ensures precise fit.
● Increased functionality with a realistic aesthetics.

All on 4 Full Monolithic Zirconia

● Monolithic zirconia delivers optimal strength for full arch reconstructive prostheses.
● Ability to reflect the bespoke anatomy of each patient.
● Smooth finish minimising the risk of chipping

Acrylic on Titanium Bar

● Ideal choice in cases with a flange and open palate.
● Correct angles of up to 20 degrees .
● Highly aesthetic but strong restorative solution.

Zirconia Titanium Bar

● Titanium bars for screw-retained dentures .
● Can be fixed to various implant systems.
● Designed to optimise force distribution according to the individual case.

Zirconia on Ti-bases

● Titanium bases provide a strong and durable foundation for stable frameworks.
● Provide a truly superior prosthetic solution
● Ideal for screw-retained implant frameworks

Zirconia thimble bar

● Titanium thimble bar with individual zirconia crowns providing a premium solution
● More flexible than block zirconia or other hybrid options
● Durability, aesthetics and flexible structure.

Porcelain Bonded Non-precious Implant Bridge

● Deliver exceptional aesthetics under porcelain crowns.
● Non-precious metal substructure.
● Ideal for single and multiple cases.

Digital Treatment Planning

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