Noriktake Super Porcelain EX-3™






Superior to other dental porcelains

The fabrication procedures for Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3 are remarkably simple. Its outstanding properties are the result of its very fine particle size. Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3 features a unique coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that remains stable during repeated bakings. As such, when making a long span bridge, each unit may be customised by repeat baking of the entire span with minimal risk of cracking.

Compatible with everything

It is compatible with precious, semi-precious, non-precious and silver-free alloys for metal-ceramic protheses. Its fluorescence is also optimised and it is highly resistant to silver-induced greening. This combination of features makes Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3 an ideal choice for porcelain restorations.​


  • diverse indications
  • Unique CTE
  • Optimised Fluorescence