Full-Cast Gold






Maintaining high standards in restorative dentistry

Full cast gold restorations are the traditional standard in restorative dentistry. Today, they continue to offer proven longevity of service for cases in the posterior region.

We also offer them with quick five-day turnaround times and no pennyweight pricing. This means the lab has eliminated price variations, giving you cost predictability and consistency. We extend that flat rate pricing for all of our full cast gold products, including Noble-Cast 10, Noble-Cast 60™, white high noble and white noble restorations. Every yellow gold alloy meets the necessary specifications for either “noble gold” or “high noble gold” and exhibits a beautiful, rich colour for superior aesthetics too. The Noble cast products are ideal for crowns or three-unit bridges, while white noble, white high noble and OcclusalGold are great for use in combination with PFM bridges.


  • 10-60 Noble cast

  • Occlusal Gold

  • White high noble

  • white noble