Project Description

JUVORA Dental Discs are made of a highly advanced, non-metal, PEEK-OPTIMA polymer. PEEK-OPTIMA has more than a decade of proven success through use in millions of implantable medical devices around the world. With JUVORA patients can experience premium fixed, removable and implant-borne prosthetic frameworks that offer a range of material benefits such as high strength to weight ratio. JUVORA Dental Disc is specifically designed to take advantage of CAD/CAM manufacturing. The JUVORA Dental Disc allows to provide a faster production route, reduced labour requirements, improved accuracy and reproducibility.

If you would like to learn more about the use of PEEK in medical applications please get in touch.


JUVORA champions the use of non-metal alternatives in prosthetics. With high performance polymer non-metal alternative JUVORA is leading the way for technological advancements in the manufacture of prosthetics.

JUVORA is a premium device that can be used in fixed, removable and implant-borne prosthetic framework and addresses the most common shortfalls of other prosthetic alternatives.

With JUVORA our focus is centered on improving processing efficiencies and patient experience by assisting the adoption of digital manufacturing systems and the provision of an advanced non-metal material.

Densign Lab is committed to ensuring product quality is maintained.