3M True Definition Scanner

Densign Lab receives data from dentists using the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is one of the leading intraoral scanners providing a high rate of consistent accuracy. The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is accurate enough for the most challenging cases where there is little tolerance for distortion or errors: multi-unit restorations, [...]


Digital Impressions

Densign Lab accepts the following Digital Impressions systems: Trios, 3M True Definition, CEREC, and iTero is coming soon. Digital Impressions provide: Less discomfort for your patients. Help to eliminate variables associated with traditional impressions: bubbles, voids, and pulls. Accuracy can be as small as 5 microns. Dentists can see preparations magnified in real-time 3D providing [...]


Smile Design & Veneers

Densign Lab is a full Smile Design & Veneers service dental laboratory offering NHS, independent and private work to dentists across London and throughout the UK. Densign Lab provides Crown & Bridge, Implantology, Prosthetics, Chrome Cobalt and Orthodontics. Our dental laboratory technicians have many years of experience and take great pride in producing high quality [...]


All Ceramic Restorations

All-Ceramic crowns and bridges have become the mainstay of private dentistry. Offering superior aesthetics combined with high bio-compatibility and ever increasing strength. All Ceramic Restorations are an affordable, durable and aesthetic alternative to full cast crowns and bridges. Densign Lab offer: Diagnostic & Case Planning Services. IPS EMAX. Nexxxr hight translucent Zirconia. Lava™ Ultimate Restorative. [...]



IPS EMAX allows you to offer patients impeccable esthetic restorations combined with high mechanical strength. You can choose the most suitable all-ceramic material depending on the case at hand and the required strength. Lithium disilicate (LS2) demonstrates superb esthetic properties and is used to restore single teeth in the anterior and posterior region. IPS EMAX [...]



Zirconia is tooth coloured, strong yet light weight ceramic with fantastic bio-compatability. Zirconia can be sintered directly to the structure or pressed on with ceramic systems helping you to achieve beautiful and asthetic results. Densign Lab Zirconia restorations are cost effective, strong and can be successful when used posteriorly. Densign Lab skilled CAD technicians combine [...]



The Densign Lab implant specialist team offers comprehensive dental implant planning services that will assist you with restorative design options, price quotations, as well as parts ordering and clinical appointment scheduling. We have extensive experience with all major implant systems. We produce fixed and removable implant restorations from a wide range of aesthetic materials including [...]


All on 4

Densign Lab works with the All On 4 solution. Using only four implants in edentulous jaws, the All-on-4 solution takes advantage of the benefits of tilting the posterior implants to provide a secure and optimal prosthetic support for a prosthetic bridge - even with minimum bone volume. The All-on-4 clinical solution has been developed to [...]



Densign Lab supplies a full range of prosthetic and associated appliances. Our dentures are processed in high impact Enigma acrylic, contoured and stippled as standard, with your choice of teeth and supplied back to you in a presentation case with a duplicate model. Densign Lab has years of experience and offers a repair and same [...]