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IPS EMAX allows you to offer patients impeccable esthetic restorations combined with high mechanical strength. You can choose the most suitable all-ceramic material depending on the case at hand and the required strength. Lithium disilicate (LS2) demonstrates superb esthetic properties and is used to restore single teeth in the anterior and posterior region. IPS [...]

Esthetics all-ceramic restorations

Densign Dental Laboratory: Esthetics all-ceramic restorations All-Ceramic crowns and bridges has become the mainstay of private dentistry. Offering superior aesthetics combined with high bio-compatibility and ever increasing strength. It is an affordable, durable and aesthetic alternative to full cast crowns and bridges. We offer: Diagnostic & Case Planning Services. IPS emax. Nexxxr hight translucent Zirconia. [...]


The Densign Lab implant specialist team offers comprehensive dental implant planning services that will assist you with restorative design options, price quotations, as well as parts ordering and clinical appointment scheduling. We have extensive experience with all major implant systems. We produce fixed and removable implant restorations from a wide range of aesthetic materials [...]

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